Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

Anthony Morano and Leila Elamine

The Recipe Hunters travel around the world in search of traditional recipes and the stories behind the people who maintain their culinary heritage.

This special evening will feature a delicious menu, visuals from their travels and the opportunity to hang out with Anthony and Leila. 


-Hummus with toasted almonds (Near East)

-Cilantro Garlic Chicken 

-Labneh and Fresh Mint (Lebanon)

-Za’atar (Near East) 

-Stuffed Grape Leaves (Egypt) 

-Cilantro Olive Elioti Bread (Cyprus) 

-Tahini Cauliflower (Palestine)

-Eggplant Fritters (Italy)

-Tabbouleh (Syrian)

-Pimientos de Padron Galicia (Spain)

-Tortilla de Patatas (Spain)

-Braised Lamb with Potatoes (Croatia)

-Yogurt with Summer Squash and Garlic (Palestine)


-Torta De Santiago 

-Hrapocusa Cake  

-Maamoul (Lebanon)

-Zabaione Gelato (Italy)